Architect's feedback

“It’s been great to work through an in-depth series of shop drawings, and all MN’s comments and questions are creating a better end product.  Good stuff.”

Best comment about MN - ever!

“We’ve been very happily married for many, many years.  Our relationship’s always been great, and now it’s even better and deeper since you remodeled our house.  We absolutely adore our new space – living in it together is just a joy.

Thanks to all of you at MN!”

East Bay happiness

“We are so pleased with our decision to work with Mueller Nicholls for our recent kitchen remodel.  The MN team took excellent care of us throughout the process, and we felt respected and comfortable at every step.  As we told our project manager, we feel so surprised not to be angry or frustrated at the end of this process (we have had other such remodeling experiences) and in fact, feel a little sad to have it complete.  Even when there were difficulties, the tone remained collaborative, rather than combative, and we worked together towards a solution.  The way Mueller Nicholls resolved problems set them above any other ordinary contractor that we have worked with or heard of.   We will recommend Mueller Nicholls to everyone we talk to, and when we next look to remodel, we will call you without question.   Thank you for an excellent remodel experience and for the beautiful kitchen that we will enjoy as a family every day.

The process from start to finish was very enjoyable!”

New house excitement

 “I just wanted to let you know that you have a great group of people working at MN:  the crew are talented craftsmen – everyone who has come onsite has been extremely professional, courteous, meticulous and kind.

We are looking forward to moving into our house soon!”


Berkeley client

“Mueller Nicholls has been the most professional and responsive contractor with whom we’ve worked.  They’re like no other builder in terms of accessibility, responsiveness, clarity of communication, attention to detail, flexibility, accountability and dependability.  We did a significant kitchen and bath remodeling project, which was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule (with a timeline that was shorter than any other contractor who proposed on the work).”

East Bay client - twice!

“Mueller Nicholls has completed two major remodels on our home.   We went out to bid on the first one, which included a down-to-the-studs remodel of our second floor bedrooms and bathroom and our downstairs bath.  We quickly choose MN due to their ability to quickly grasp our desires and figure out how to meet them within the available footprint, budget and time.  Six years later when we decided to do a complete kitchen remodel, there was no question that MN would be the builder of choice.  The outcome once again exceeded expectations – with details and craftsmanship that brings out immediate envy from our friends.  As for us, no matter how much time passes, we walk into our now fully remodeled house each day and are filled with delight.   We are resolute in our belief that we had the best designers, project management and craftspeople create our dream house. ”

Building better and beautiful

“Thank you every morning and night for the most beautiful bathroom in the world.  My bathroom has changed my life.  I love it.”

Working couple

“Completely professional and easy to work with.   Ingenious at solving problems – plus, this team does very accurate and great work, along with keeping an eye on the budget.  From owners, project managers, and carpenters, everyone is exceptionally professional and courteous.

They have their finger on the pulse!”

San Francisco apartment owner

“I love my apartment more every single day.  Thanks to the whole team at Mueller Nicholls for all of your work putting it together.”

Palo Alto resident

“I must say that we have found Mueller Nicholls very straightforward to deal with at every stage – before, during, and after.  The top guys visited the job site regularly, and the members of the project management team were astonishingly faithful in tending to details, to do lists, requests, and suggestions.  They also have very good financial tracking data.

Net net, I’d recommend them not only because they care about the craftsmanship and are real pros at what they do, but equally because they are trustworthy.  The money discussions left me feeling as though they presented options at various price points, and we would end up in the right place with a fair price tag. ”

Oakland homeowner

“My wife and I hired MN after a lengthy process of figuring out what we wanted.  They were instrumental in helping us figure out what that was.  And then they did exactly what they said they were going to do and it was indeed exactly what we wanted.”

San Francisco fan

“The problem with using Mueller Nicholls is that they set the bar so high it’s impossible for others to measure up.”

Berkeley homeowner

“You took us way beyond our vision to a place we could never have imagined without you!

And your interpretation and physical expression of our combined vision was off the charts!

You were all such professionals and such a pleasure to work with!

You all absolutely personified the MN Code of Conduct!

And do we have a spectacular result or what?”

Architectural contentment

“We are thrilled to partner with Mueller Nicholls, in a true collaborative process.  The Mueller Nicholls integrated services approach allows our team to combine resources to provide thoughtful, and sometimes unexpected, resolutions for our clients.”

Designer delight

“It’s refreshing to work with a team of creative people who don’t dismiss design ideas because they haven’t built them before.”

Stairway to heaven

“It is truly a joy to behold and to be in.

We can experience the wonderful details every day, and we discover more all the time.  Those cabinets!  Those smooth drawers!   The light in the hall closet!   We have not discovered any problems or issues anywhere – only pleasure.

Our project is truly an example of great architecture, which in my book, translates to a feeling.   It FEELS good to be in it; it creates a good mood for people when they are in it too.”

Oakland repeat customer

“People always have horror stories about the contractors they hire, but our experience with Mueller Nicholls was the exact opposite.  They have completed two major construction additions to our home and were great to work with, resulting in the entirely new look for our home that we were looking for.  Not only was their work timely and on budget, but they have stood behind their work and have been great about following through on any questions that have come up.  They are exceedingly punctual, responsive and professional.  I highly recommend the company.  No horror story with this contractor – they are really great. ”