South Bay Renewal

An ordinary house, transfigured into a great home.  That’s why we have architects around – to make the world a better place!

The kitchen was totally redesigned and made into a much larger, more open space – with light colored cabinets and an island you can sit, snack and sip at.  An additional family room, with over-sized sliding doors made a huge difference to the living spaces inside the house – and changing the head heights on passage doors and windows really helped the spaces feel better.

When we first saw the project, the bedrooms and bathrooms were ugly, dark and small – they all changed, got re-purposed.  Windows were replaced throughout, clerestories were added upstairs – what a difference!

A main emphasis with the remodel was on indoor/outdoor living – after all, we Bay Area residents know we have the best climate in the world – why not fully enjoy it at our homes?


Designed by: Ana Williamson Architect

Photography by: Paul Dyer

Managed by:  Shiloe Bear, Luis Iniguez